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Top 5  Designer               Brasil – Set 2018

Unilever Brasil –  Product Design Private Contest “CIF Multi Product”

Winner – 1st Place          USA California – April 2013

Beer Buddies – Design Contest “ROCKR” Beer – Branding and Product Design

Winner – 1st Place          USA Texas – March 2013

Warren´s Design Contest “Smokin´Q – Barbacue sauce Design.” labels Design

Winner – 1st Place          Ireland – January 2013

Product Design Contest “Dovehill Orchard”.

Winner – 1st Place          Portugal – April 2008

2 Riscos –  Music Festival – Optimus Alive 2008 – Festival Design.

Winner – 1st Place          Portugal – February 2008

Sinflex – Branding Design Contest ” SINFLEX ” logo.

Silver – 2nd Place             USA WI, Green Bay – May 2013

Design Contest “Twisted Pine Coffee” – Packaging and Product Design.

Silver – 2nd  Place             Portugal – April 2013

MSS Douro Wine & G. – Design Contest “Encostas de Murça” – label Design.

Silver  – 2nd Place          Ireland – March 2013

Kingsale Brewery – Product Design Contest “Kingsale Beer”

Silver – 2nd Place          USA Texas – January 2013

Branding Design Contest “For Goodness SHAKE”

Silver – 2nd Place          Ireland – January 2013

Intown Organics – Branding and Product Design Contest “Intown Organics”

Silver – 2nd Place          USA – Texas – January 2013

Wimberley Valley Winery – Product Design Contest “Wimberley Wines”


Catarina Albuquerque_inktattoolifestyle

CEO Ink TattooLifeStyle Magazine - Portugal

“..an excellent Professional, compliant with all deadlines. He´s always up to all the technical challenges, overcoming them in a surprising way..” Catarina Albuquerque.

nuno valente

CEO Nacaza Group - Portugal

“.. It´s a fair and honest partner in market, in connection to those who not only produce quality but also the reputation and ethics..” Nuno Valente

malabá 25horas estudios

CEO 25 Horas - Portugal

“..A very accessible and creative person, was able to grasp and design the logo of my company to the maximum, no doubt that for Orlando “EDB Designbase” 25 hours is the limit. Thanks for the availability, and the professionalism..” Malabá

Screen Shot copy

Beer Buddies - USA CA

“.. EDB-Designbase / Orlando Reis is a high talented and flexible designer; He was able to grasp our core requirements early enough and provided many variations in his creative design submissions.. ” Satish Co.