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EDB Design Studio its a Design Bussiness Project created by Orlando Reis.

During this last 14 years, EDB Design Studio became a great business partner for all kinds of design projects, with several companies to meet the needs of different customers. EDB is always working in partnership with some Companies, Artistic Agencies, Image and Advertising Agencies , and other Private Clients, and constantly updating to improve is Know-How ; and participates in International competitions and projects, having been in good ratings and prizes. To improve and get the best solutions for clients, EDB Design Studio provides the best services available to meet the needs of different customers and partners.

Our Vision

And our Clients

Our vision is Multidisciplinary Design Projects that integrates different design areas, innovative ideas that meet the presented needs of each Client. Our clients are not just clients for us, but partners for many years. We know their business, their challenges, and help them to innovate. Over the years a high level of trust is reached, which leads to a great cooperation and successful complex projects.We continuously improve our methods, our way of communication, our teamwork, our processes and design skills.

Our Goals

Our main traits

Respond to each client covering diferent areas of Design, Industrial Design, 3D modeling and Rendering, Graphic Design and Multimedia. Improve and innovate in each Design project in order to have the best Design Strategy and, as result, the best possible product to each Client.
In a country of market “lobbies” where many disappear and few remain, Working hard and trying to keeping high standards of Design, keeping the high levels of quality and the best solutions possible and amaze our clientes and partners, are our main traits of a corporate nature.

Our Magic

Professional skills

Graphic Design
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop ;Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, CorelDraw; FlexiSign Pro (SignCut) And Others..

Industrial Design
Hand Sketching, Digital Sketching in SketchBook Pro, 3D Modeling in SolidWork´s ;  Foundry Modo; Autodesk 3DS Max; Autodesk MAYA; Autodesk Inventor; Rhinoceros
and RENDER in VRAY, RhinoCEROS and Foundry Modo.


Industrial Design

& Product Design

Research and Product Development.

Product & Urban Design.

3D Modeling – Rendering and Visual.

Project Testing  and 3D Presentations.

Interior Design – Remodeling.

Art Direction

& Executive Direction

Art and Executive Direction.

Project Development.

Artistic Conception and Corporate Management.

Advertising Strategies.

Marketing and Consulting.

Graphic Design

& Graphic Production

Graphic Design & Editorial Design.

Branding & Activation Design.

Packaging & Ilustration.

Photography and Image Production.

Offset and Digital Printing – Little and Big Formats and Outdoors.

Vinyl Sign Making – Car Wraping.


& 3D Visual

Web marketing and web design.

2D and 3D Projects and Presentations.

3D Character Modeling.

Presentations – Corporate Videos.

Visual motions.


How it Works

Our process consists in meeting with the client, brainstorming, sketching, creating mockups, testing on users, making digital presentation sketches, building 3D models and continuously evaluating form and usability. During this concept design phase, we present concept directions in sketch-form, functional and technical solutions, manufacturability solutions and mockups. Together with each Client we discuss focus, risk, level of ambition and make a decision which concept direction to develop further.

Meeting the Client

First Step

Meeting with client

Know their needs

Get all the ideas

Proof of market

Product market fit

Project requirements

Planing & Brainstorming

Second Step

Determine the strategy

Understanding the desired outcome of the project.


Form exploration

Color – material – finish

Ideas refinement

Design & Prototyping

Third Step

First ideas

Sketching and Study

Design innovation


Design refinement

Final Design idea

3D modeling & Prototyping

Design Approval

Fourth Step

Additional meeting

Presenting Designs

Presenting Prototypes

Presentign Studies

Final Design Approval

Production Planning

Fifth Step

Design Refinement for manufacture

Prototyping viable product

Testing  product

Production Planning

Production Refinement

Production Support

Sixth Step

Production Costs strategy

Manufacturing network

Manufacturer Contract

Manufacturing liaison

Marketing Strategy

Retail Strategy